NYX uses carrier-grade telecom, data management and business intelligence platform. This enables us to respond very quickly and precisely to all client requirements and effectively assist in managing, monitoring and protecting their infrastructure and resources.

Customers access NYX services through VoIP (H.323, SIP) or TDM (SS7, PRI) interconnections over our hubs in Amsterdam(NL) or Miami(USA). Our service provides the highest quality voice termination via in-country direct routes and quality assured suppliers, with performance higher than market-level ASR, ACD.

Our facilities include more than one thousand square feet of collocation space for our customers and all the benefits that a world-class collocation facility can provide.

NYX’s physical and geographical redundant platform handles traffic over multiple protocols, capable of manipulation of SIP message, onboard and distributed transcoding, this allows us to accommodate increased call volume from our customers. As volume grows we can provide capacity when available almost instantly.

NYX NOC team provides constant monitoring, advanced event fault detection system and SLA specific responses keep the traffic flowing at all times, not only being reactive but proactively protecting the business.

Session Border Controller (SBC) is backed 24/7 by our on-site monitoring and reporting, QoS protected automated intelligent routing which guarantees uninterrupted processing of live calls.



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